Sunday, 17 May 2020

HYFYTV SilverBuild v24 [Dual Mods]

HYFYTV SilverBuild v24 [Dual Mods]


Description :

Streaming looks great on any device. You can watch Live TV on your Mobile and Tablet.

o make your search even easier, we have categorized all the channels, so you can simply choose the type you're looking for.

What's New:

Tested on FS Gen2 & 6,7 & 8 Phones
Not much working at time of upload

Some devices require long hold to open channel
Some devices require double click
Firestick users require Mouse Toggle

Full Mod Details By Hifi:

-nothing touched.
-location was disabled.
-ads removed.
-works on firesticks

Lite Mod Details By Hifi:

-location removed
-lots of useless services removed
-arm and x86 support
-Changed name of apk to HYFYTV LITE
-package name changed(meaning you can install both mods if you wish)
-works on firesticks

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions: [Credits to Hifi 2007]

Full Mod:


Lite Mod:



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