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clash of Magic hack Modded apk latest (private server hack)

clash of Magic – A fascinating board game in which you have to play for the huge elementals under the control of which a whole set of different monsters with special abilities and skills. From the very beginning, you might think it’s rather complicated, but after you’ve spent a couple of rounds, you can understand how everything is arranged here, how best to arrange the cards and which ones to choose better. The whole field is divided into two lines, and after the card on the first line is destroyed, the card from the back line will come forward. Note not all cards are great for the front.

Clash of Magic – a private server of Clash of Clans, but without the limitations of resources. As in COC you have to earn gold, gems and other resources, but with this server, you will be provided unlimited resources especially upgrading buildings. Yeah, the CoC mod APK allow you to build 100s of building Town hall.
Clash of Magic – a mod APK of CoC come up with number of custom modded buildings and heroes, pick up your favorite one and play up to the end.
This server offers 4 different private servers, these all servers are different from each other on the basis of features and mod. We’ll discuss in details about these all later in this article.
if we talk about its initial release the Clash of Magic isn’t really good because it was hosted on slow and poor quality servers. It was gone down when there are more than 500 users playing game. It was also buggy and has some issue, but now in later version many issue are resolved, it also upgraded with new features.

Clash of Magic Private Servers:

As we talked above in article Clash of Magic comes in 4 different servers, all the server running CoC mod apk have really powerful specifications. The specification are:
  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4×8)
  • 99,99 % Up time
  • 1024 GB SSD
  • 8 Core CPU (4,2 GHz)
  • 1000/1000Mbps Network
  • DDoS Protection
Clash of magic is better than clash of lights that is also COC private server. So, its better to use clash of magic. Both come with different servers, these server differ from each other on the basis of their functionality and options to play game. Clash of magic come up with 4 servers, named clash of magic s1, clash of magic s2, clash of magic s3 and clash of magic s4. You can download clash of magic any server here.

Clash of Magic S1 (THE BLACK MAGIC):

The SERVER 1 comes up with all custom mods, unlimited resources, and build your building as much you want.

Clash of Magic S2 (THE HALL OF MAGIC):

SERVER 2 includes all the features the SERVER 1 has, unlimited golds, elixir, and buy building as many you want in just 1 gold.

Clash of Magic S3 (THE POWER OF MAGIC):

SERVER 3 is different form above 2 discussed servers, the server don’t includes the custom mods but with unlimited resources. The users who don’t like mods servers can play on these servers. The construction time in this server is zero.

Clash of Magic S4 (THE POWER OF MAGIC 2):

The main difference between server 3 and server 4 is, the build cost and and construction time in the server 4 is normal. The other features are same as server 3, not custom mods.
So, choose the server you like and play for to win the game.


Alert: Please one this bear in your mind all the private servers of CoC has no linked with the supercell, these all private servers are handled and controlled by third-party owner, and not supported, sponsored by Supercell.
So, in any trouble while playing game, the Andihack and supercell will not be responsible for it. This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and they are not responsible for it.

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